WellTop – E&P well management system


WellTop® is a fundamental well construction planning, prognosis, drilling and assessment system. WellTop® manages the collaboration and data acquisition for wells along a predefined well life cycle. WellTop® includes Information on the planned well; offset wells and the whole field development plan to which it belongs; as well as, requirements of different petroleum disciplines to complement data acquisition programs and to provide the specific production/injection target through a specific type of completion.

WellTop® Management system is a web based application that enables users to start the planning of wells then prepare prognosis report for a given well. Besides automating the prognosis process flow and providing data entry screens for capturing the requirements of relevant petroleum disciplines, the system provides users read only access to a selection of Finder reports usually needed during the well life cycle. Also, the system features email notifications that keep users informed about the progress of a given well operation, thus, enhancing collaboration.


WellTop Disciplines
WellTop covers all disciplines in the upstream industry, engineers from different disciplines collaborate online to produce the prognosis report of the well and the drilling program:

  • Date: October, 2014