Our highly-acclaimed instructors, consultants & mentors bring years of practical programming and architectural design experience into every classroom and custom project, specializing in Java, OO, Web Services, Project Management and more.

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Whether you need to acquire an advanced skill to tackle a complex project, or simply want to jump into Java or Web Services, we can easily tailor and deliver a program that best suits your business needs.
We can design custom training programs for your team based on your roles, projects, and objectives, or simply recommend the best course of action for you as an individual programmer looking to sharpen your existing skills, or gain new ones.
  • Java Foundations
  • Spring Framework
  • AWS Cloud Computing,
  • Apache Spark Development


Of course, all courseware & training can be modified to suit your specific requirements.
We will be happy to speak with you to arrange a free needs analysis, or to draw up a proposal that best suits your business needs.