Welcome to ECONCEPTS

Driven by Passion, Satisfied by Results.
Since 2005, ECONCEPTS has been working passionately with its clients to deliver usable and maintainable software products.
To serve our clients, we ourselves go through a renovation process after closing each project, to learn from our mistakes, enhance the future process and gain new insights into the advancement of software technologies, methodologies, and tools.

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It is not whether you start a software development project or not, but it is whether you start right and move fast to beat the competition. From front-end development to mobile applications and cloud computing, we deliver projects in a variety of sectors such as oil&gas, government, healthcare, retail, and e-commerce.


To grow by helping our clients grow, through automation, learning from information and unleashing the inner potential in businesses.


To provide world class software development and IT consulting locally, and to deliver software systems with excellent quality, cost effectiveness and on time execution.

Our skills and knowledge are very flexible, we are able to accomplish literally any IT challenge today’s market would throw on us. Our consultants possess a rare combination of industry and deep technical expertise, uniquely qualifying them to design, develop, support and fine-tune mission-critical systems.

The practice of technology consulting at ECONCEPTS is conceived like an integrated process of business and IT. Whether pure consulting or our intervention in project mode, this approach enables us to validate and plan new initiatives, to be able to leverage the most powerful technologies.

By combining our training services with consulting and mentoring, ECONCEPTS has developed an extensive skills transfer program across all of our service offerings.

Core Values


We take responsibility for what we deliver, we are proud of our software products and we maintain it to the end


We don’t work solely for money, but for the love of writing code. We are passionate about software


As we care for our clients, we care for our people and do whatever we can to keep them happy.


We take our work seriously and we believe that every project we accomplish should reflect the image we’ve drawn of ourselves.


Digital economy, artificial intelligence, the extended enterprise, smart consumer, electronic commerce and all the changes in the market led to a shift at the very root of business concepts and processes. It is not only the “electronic” revolution that defines the new world, but rather a “concepts” revolution.

Here are our key differentiators

Local Presence, Global Experience

We carry with us years of international experience where we worked with a diversity of medium to large companies. From the USA and Canada to the Arabian Gulf, we built our technical reputation and friendly business relations.

Digital to the Core

We are not only systems integrators; rather, we develop systems that require scientific algorithms and low-level knowledge of how the technology works. From EEG analysis to predicting customer loyalty via machine learning and digital signal processing and analyzing very large data using C and Spark integration.

Modern Development Workflow

At ECONCEPTS, we employ the latest development automation tools so we can focus on your business needs. All our developers are skilled with source control tools such as Git, task runners such as Gulp, continuous integration and deployment tools, and cloud hosting.

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