Whether you are looking to build a new system or optimize an existing system, we can provide you with a free consultation session to discuss your ideas.

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The free consultation session would clarify any inquiries you might have, recommend or advise against the technology you’re looking to adapt and give you some alternatives from the industry.

The free consultation with us includes topics like:

  • Is it worth it to buy this new system or better to build it?
  • Are we using latest development workflow in order to cut costs and streamline software delivery?
  • What technology stack ECONCEPTS recommends to develop a planned system?
  • Can ECONCEPTS help us with IT processes for both development and operations?
  • Would ECONCEPTS help us in developing a solid business case for our management?
  • Given a planned system, what could ECONCEPTS provide in terms of architecture, code review and security best practices?

This session can be online over Zoom or Skype, or at our office. Let’s get together and learn from each other.

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