Brain Data Bank


Swiss Brain Data Bank
Zurich – Switzerland

Overview & Challenges

Hospitals and institutions struggle to work on their researches related to brain-related diseases, as it is hard to obtain anonymized medical data. This can hinder scientific progress in understanding and finding new treatments for brain diseases.

Furthermore, medical professionals who have medical data that they want to share globally with other professionals in a secure and anonymized manner have no platform to do so.

Solution Provided

The Brain Data Bank is an aggregator platform, powered by superior software and cloud architecture. The platform assists hospitals and medical institutions who work on brain-related diseases to anonymize, secure, and organize brain cases and make these cases accessible globally for research and diagnosis.

The Brain Data Bank helps hospitals and institutions working on brain related diseases to anonymize, secure and organize patient cases and make these anonymised cases accessible globally for research and diagnosis.

Benefits to Client

  • Make relevant brain data accessible in an anonymized, secure and timely manner.
  • Hospitals and institutions can make cases accessible globally for research and diagnosis in an anonymized and secure manner.
  • Accelerate scientific progress in our understanding of the human brain and in the treatment of brain related diseases.
  • Help find new preventative ways to slow down the alarming rise in mental health conditions.

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