Electronic Recruitment System


Abu Dhabi – UAE

Overview & Challenges

As in any major company, ADNOC has to deal with the challenges of recruitment procedures and hiring new experts and consultants. Even when terminating the service contracts, and making sure all administrative procedures are in place.

The hiring chain starts with the direct manager and travels up to top-level management sometimes based on pre-defined business rules. A wide range of administrative procedures accompanied by a large number of papers, forms, and signatures to be obtained before the recruitment process happens.

Solutions Provided

We automated the administrative procedures of the recruitment process from the time a new request submitted by direct managers of departments to the approval of the last manager in chain according to the ADNOC internal administrative system.

After the implementation of the system, ADNOC managed to reduce the required business days and administrative procedures needed to hire new employees or contractors.

Benefits to Client

  • Automatic approval routing across the managers chain
  • All applicant’s data are stored in the HR data bank
  • Attachments such as CV, certificates and other kind of documents are available online to managers to have a look at them any time during the hiring process.
  • Business rules related to HR are automatically enforced by the system

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