Electronic Recruitment System


Amtex Enterprises
Santa Clara – USA

Overview & Challenges

Amtex Enterprises is one of the largest IT recruiters in California, India and Malaysia. Having to deal with a large number of applicants, going through their resumes, filtering them, and selecting the best fits for its client was a big challenge.

Moreover, most of recruitment experts working for Amtex Enterprises are geographically apart from each other, and coordinating their efforts using traditional means of communications was also a pain for the business.

It was necessary to move the recruitment processes to a modern web-based system that reduces cost and accelerates the time to hire.

Solution Provided

We developed a web-based recruitment system empowered with referral rules between managers and recruitment experts.

It is now possible to route CVs submitted via the Internet to the IT expert of the responsible for the geographic region who will initiate preliminary assessment and route the approved applicant to the interviewer in order to meet the applicant in person.

All resumes that pass the in-person interview will be sent automatically to the hiring manager for administrative signature and the applicant will be notified by email and SMS.

Benefits to Client

  • The overall cycle of recruitment has been significantly reduced
  • Notes and signatures of the chain of managers are saved electronically for review in the future
  • Cost of telephone calls has been reduced and replaced by electronic correspondence
  • Building a data bank or resumes to be used in future research and machine learning
  • Applicants can track their status online

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