Online Loyalty System


Dubai – UAE

Overview & Challenges

Businesses need to be able to adapt and engage with customers in real-time. Without the proper technology that would always adapt and evolve with the constant change of the world, businesses find it a struggle to stay in direct contact with their customers and provide the support they need.

Not any technology can do this, as the technology need to enable businesses to cater to their customer needs while also evolving with the trends of time.

Solutions Provided

UrbanBuz provides businesses with a platform that they can start using immediately to manage their customer journey and engage their customers throughout each track of that journey in real time.

The UrbanBuz platform was built for marketers from the ground up with three guiding principles: Quick to setup, easy to operate and affordable solution.

Benefits to Client

  • Marketers can track and measure their engagement.
  • Provide consistent customer service.
  • Communicate with customers in a personalized and timely manner.
  • Capture and organize customer data.

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