Zurich – Switzerland

Overview & Challenges

Researchers and healthcare professionals have to deal with medical data almost every day. This data can range from EEG recordings to MRI or CT scans. Considering how big this data is, a lot of time will be wasted on conventional data analysis at a fraction of the traditional
computing costs.

Moreover, researchers and medical professionals are limited to when and where they can view and use this data. They can only do so in their labs, which can make interpreting data very limited, and make their work less proactive.

Solution Provided

VMLpro facilitates the collation, curation, collaboration and computation of extremely large EEG data sets from anywhere at anytime.

By taking advantage of scalable, massively parallel cloud computing delivered as software as a service (SaaS), VMLpro allows users to take their analyses (kBs) to their data (TBs) and then distributes the results, in real-time, to their network of collaborators without the barriers of institutional firewalls.

Storage capacity and processing nodes are scaled automatically to meet current requirements thus optimising the user’s computing needs in real-time, avoiding redundancies in data duplication and ensuring users have persistent access to data, and the most recent versions of analytics.

Benefits to Client

  • Radically reduce the time of conventional data analysis at a fraction of the traditional computing costs.
  • Interpret data very efficiently and proactively
  • View medical data anywhere, anytime.
  • All medical data are grouped by case, making it easier to view data per case.
  • Collaborate with other medical professionals easily without being limited to a lab.

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