Well Prognosis Electronic System


Abu Dhabi – UAE

Overview & Challenges

ADNOC has suffered for a long time from the lengthy period taken to finalize the prognosis of oil wells, especially this kind of study has to involve many engineers from different disciplines of the oil and gas industry.

The process of drilling a well involves a complex series of procedures and signatures in order to start the drilling process, and most of the steps in this process were manual and hard to follow up with responsible persons. Moreover, the wealth of knowledge produced during each and very prognosis was lost in paper and hard to benefit from it.

Another big challenge was the lack of communications among petroleum engineers to come up with a unified prognosis approved for the drilling to start.

Solution Provided

We developed the Well Prognosis Electronic Process which divides the petroleum work into approximately 15 sub-process (surveying, geology, petrophysics, seismic…) each of these are in turn divided into a large number of steps to be completed online by petroleum engineers.

Team leaders from different disciplines have the ability to approve, reject and send back individual team members contributions.

The system, built on top of latest technology from BEA Systems, allows managers to follow the well assessment process step by step and find out where the assessment is currently standing and the name of the officer in charge and inquire electronically on the subject.

It also contains a section on detailed and aggregate reports, key performance indicators of the prognosis such as time spent at each engineer, and the team and others.

Benefits to Client

  • Duration of well prognosis was shortened from weeks to days
  • All data, notes, approvals are now stored electronically
  • Prognosis final report is now produced in a single click with all the approvals and notes
  • Integration with Drilling system
  • Teams and their leaders have better communication platform to discuss wells related information

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